Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Horses and Family

Chris's grandmother was in Oregon for a couple of weeks, so we drove the family out to his aunt's house so that grandma Lois could meet the twins and see Ada. Ada was very interested in the horses, and "helped" Aunt Camille (from the non-horse side of the fence). I would be happy for Ada to ride a horse, but I am not comfortable with her milling about at the feet of three horses, particularly when one of them is a bit testy and unpredictable.

At Camille's

Grandma Lois (who is 91) enjoyed the visit with the little ones, though she did blame herself (and her cold hands) when Mira cried in her arms. I think Mira was just tired, but there was no convincing Lois of that.

Camille, Mira, Grandma Lois
Getting two of the three to smile was good enough.

Chris's dad was a bit worried about Ada being near the horses. He has a bad memory of one of Camille's horses almost kicking Chris's brother Dylan. Camille had no memory of this, but when she heard that the horse's hoof was a foot away from Dylan, discounted the danger involved. In any case, Ada did not get that close to any of the horses on this trip.  Maybe next time we'll bring carrots and see how that goes.
Bunka and Ada
Camille's dog kept a close eye on us, lest we make any sudden moves that warranted her attention.


  1. Ours are a bit cautious of horses, though dudelet's ride on a bit Victorian funeral carriage driven by two gorgeous black Shires might have helped him a bit (must put up photos). The horses do look lovely. An undone thing for me this summer was to go riding again, at least once.

    Can't believe how tiny she looks!

  2. It looks like a beautiful place.
    I wish I had a place like that to take mine to.