Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Found, while cleaning up and culling items from the playroom:

Two birthday candles (one pink, one blue), saved since Lila's birthday party in early June.

One handful of chestnuts and smallish rocks. Date of entry into the house is uncertain.

Numerous Stumptown "coffee cards." These are the little cards our coffee store uses to identify the type of whole bean coffee we've purchased. Ada believes they are very valuable, and has a sizable collection.

Two plastic hippo pellets from Hungry Hungry Hippos game. Retrieved from under bookshelf, probably lost in the spring when pellets were used as food for the dolls.

One baking powder container, empty of original contents but housing a mid-sized lumpy rock.

A plastic top to a yogurt container, an empty honey bear, an empty lemon juice bottle and several ribbons. To be fair, the bear and lemon juice have been part of her kitchen play, but having found them under the bookshelf I declared them no longer in active rotation and eligible for elimination.

random crap I collect
I wonder where she gets this penchant for collecting?


  1. I love that photobooth strip in your collection.

  2. agreed, the photos are awesome. is that the twins or Ada?