Monday, August 10, 2009

Introducing: iPoop

Mira and Ian do not poop daily. This may have something to do with the formula they drink, but that isn't so important. What is important is that while Mira generally goes every two to three days, Ian can hold out for a week or more. It has gotten to the point where Chris and I can not remember who has gone when. This confusion is compounded by our problems remembering who has eaten recently, which one was breastfed last, who got a bottle and what was in it.

These memory problems are not unique to us; I remember commiserating with other mothers when Ada was little, each of us unable to remember which side our babies had nursed on last. Many women resort to reminder pins on their shirts, tape on their bras, and other tricks to remind them.  People with twins suffer this memory problem even more acutely than those with single babies, as two people are often feeding, changing, washing and rocking the babies. Who can remember what happened when?

In response to these problems, and to what we are sure will be thunderous calls for this product, Chris and I have developed a new iPhone application - the iPoop. iPoop lets you simply and easily track when your baby has a bowel movement, as well as when you last bathed her, the timing and duration of naps, breast- and bottle-feedings, and other important yet immensely forgettable moments in your child's day. You'll never again needlessly worry whether your child has gone for too many days without a bowel movement - you'll know whether or not to worry that it has been more than ten days. No more relying on your sleep-impaired memory to tell you if your little dear has nursed from the right side five times in a row, and no more relying on your sense of smell to tell you that it is past time to give the little darling a bath.

Also for use with pets, recalcitrant older children and the constipated.

Well crud, Chris just found an online baby activity tracker. There go our fortune in the making. Good thing I haven't done more than come up with a name.


  1. There is an iFart (I know, my son plays with it) so I'm pretty sure there's probably an iPoop somewhere out there, too. Although I have a feeling it would be much more disgusting than the good idea you came up with.

  2. When Milo was wee, I kept a daily log on a blue notepad of when we changed him (as in WHAT TIME) and what was in the diaper and what it looked like if it was poo. At the time it seemed totally necessary. Now I see it was just me trying to control a situation over which I had none.

  3. I actually downloaded a couple apps like that for my iPhone when I first brought the babies home. :+) I like your name best!

  4. Go old skool! White board, stinky markers, a real "war room" atmosphere.

    I can't even imagine relying on a) my memory b) the memory of another person c) neither of whom is sleeping for that kind of mundane, nonstop stuff. Am impressed you had a conversation this in-depth about it!

  5. Stephanie's comment made me laugh. For real? Who has time for these things? Of course, I remember well my own control issues when my youngun's were wee.

    Just stick with it Nora, and you'll find some way to make money of these babies, yet. :)

  6. I swear I tried to keep track of that stuff on paper at the beginning but I couldn't even remember to write it down.

    (and you are lucky, Ian pooped like 4 times a day when he was a baby)

  7. iPoop...too funny because when Builder Boy was barely talking, he would gleefully scream, "I POOP!" every time he did anything in his diaper. It was quite charming when we were in public.