Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thanks for all the fun!

Despite being at home with the family instead of living it up at Blogher, it looks like I (or at least the photo of my head) had a great time.

I got to hang out with cool women:

Mayberry Mom took me all over town. I got cozy with a unicorn's butt, ate cheeseburgers and indian food (this focus on food pictures shows that despite having not met me in person, MM knows me all too well).

More evidence of what a good time my head had are here and here and here. And here.


Edited to add:

Apparently not ALL was joy and glamour for my head. Christy was only able to get one picture before her daughter ate my head. Maybe in retaliation for me spelling her mom's name wrong in a prior post?

Edited AGAIN to add:
Melissa figured out who the original head on a stick is! The head that Gwen and I found last year is Karen Meg's head! Nice detective work Melissa!


  1. Oops I forgot to email you mine! Doing so RIGHT NOW - so you can update this post hopefully!!!

  2. You were with me more, but once your head fell off of the stick things just weren't the same.

  3. My word verification was undies. Do you think it has been reading my blog today?

  4. Next time Nora, next time!

  5. I lost my stick almost immediately but luckily you stuck to my forehead well.

  6. And so the heads-on-a-stick come full circle LOL!
    Thanks for commenting on my post; and I'm so glad I met Melissa too... hopefully BlogHer '10 is on the agenda?

  7. Karen - I want to go next year. If we both go, we need to bring our heads on sticks so we can take a picture holding one another's heads!

  8. Your coolness is unending. Except for the heat.