Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Open Letter to the Fairies (a guest post from Monkey Boy)

Dear Fairies,

 I would like to know if  you know how fairies get into nutshells?
Also I would like to know how fairies are so tiny?
How are fairies inside nuts?   How can they make beds in nuts?
I would like to say why can fairies fly away so fast?
Fairies: I have a school with lots of other children in it.  Even girls and even boys.  The girls and boys in my school sometimes go outside.  Sometimes when my mom and dad pick me up from school they have something for me to eat.  I have one backyard and I know about fairies, but I never met one.  I would like to say if you would like to get in one of the daffodils in Darrel and Claire’s yard.
And then I would like to say how come we can’t see fairies?

Monkey Boy


  1. Oh, if he hasn't seen the Fairyopolis books, look for those for him!

  2. Dudelet has wondered about the tooth fairy occasionally but he's a bit sceptical. Perhaps I should get him a fairy in a nut. If anyone provides a satisfactory answer to Monkey Boy about how you can achieve this, can you let me know?