Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Hospital (Ada's Eye View)

Once the babies were born, Ada arrived with her grandparents. Chris let her use the camera. Here is what she captured:

above and below, photos of Ada's "baby" in the hospital bed with me


  1. I believe those are Keen's on that foot. Nice shoes.
    Good to know that Ada's baby was included. The little ones shouldn't be forgotten when new babies come along. ;-)
    Hope you are all well and getting at least some sleep.

  2. The nape of your neck looks exhausted.


  3. An excellent idea, to give Ada the camera for a while.

  4. she has quite an eye. future photographer maybe?

  5. Super job, Ada.

    When my second child was born, my son, then age 4, held her and said, "Thanks for buying this for me, dad!"

    Glad you and yours are doing well . . .

  6. The shoes are great! And the eye - that's quite spooky and atmospheric. Dudelet was just utterly goggle-eyed at just under 4 when she arrived. We let him hold her (with a lot of discreet support) and he just stood there, astonished...