Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Family that Wears Hats Together...

Instead of following my usual pregnant-with-hat photo process (get Ada to bed, collapse on couch, eat dinner, then drag out the tripod), this week I got started on the hat pictures early. I asked Ada if she wanted to join in, which of course she did. She also wanted Chris to get involved, giving you a glimpse back at last week's hat and a contender for next week's:

Week 32 - Two Hats
Chris, Ada, Hats and a Carrot

And once I stopped fiddling with the camera, the three of us squeezed in for a picture or two:
Week 32 - Take 2
Week 32 of Pregnancy, Week 5 of Hat Pictures

Thanks to my pal Stephanie for the shirt. Stephanie is a tall woman, which means that her long maternity clothes actually still (mostly) manage to cover my belly. Plus, this shirt matches the hat pretty well. Speaking of the hat, does it look like a bathing cap to anyone else? Especially when worn, it reminds me of those flowered caps popular with ladies of a certain age and synchronized swimmers. This hat would certainly not survive a dunking, but the green mesh covered with gaudy flowers...

floating hat
Hat . . . in space!

This hat was "made to order" by Mr. Arnold. The whole made to order thing confirms one thing for me: my grandmother had a smaller head that I do. Wearing this hat was a little uncomfortable due to its size, and mine (for once I mean my head, not my belly).

Mr Arnold - Made to Order

In searching the web I found a couple of other hats made by Mr. Arnold, including this mink number for sale on ebay. Randomly, when I was looking for information on Mr. Arnold, I ran across a web site for a hat exhibit at the James A. Michener Museum. Who knew Michener (king of the one word title) had a museum named for him?

My favorite part about this week's pictures was Ada's excitement. In the above photos you can see Ada showing solidarity by baring her belly. After Chris got tired of holding Ada (and of standing in front of the camera) Ada started dancing around before the camera. In the first photo below she was bopping so enthusiastically that she jumped out of the way right before the timer went off. I got her back in the next one, but given the overall attempt to get hat and belly in the photo, she barely appears in the frame.

Ada, missing the pictureWeek 32 - Take 3


  1. How about pregnant + hat photos for a creative family tradition? Love it. And the hat. Once upon a time, I played dress-up in one much like it.

  2. Wouldn't that be a picture of the 5 of you instead of the 3 ?
    You guys are such a cute group!

  3. That was my favorite maternity shirt EXCEPT that I felt compelled to iron it. I'm glad it fits you!

    Also, the hats are AWESOME.

  4. In the picture at the bottom left, you have an expression that is 100%-vintage-mischievous-laughing-Nora. I love it!