Monday, March 16, 2009

A short break from winter clouds

No wonder I can't keep readers - one day complaining about toddler bathroom woes, the next pushing organic veggies, then on to math or photographs of signs. I have no over-arching theme. Oh well, not like that's going to change.

Speaking of signs, here are a few from North Interstate Boulevard in Portland, snapped on a recent gloriously sunny late winter day:

The (Messy)Palms

Westerner Motel


Monkey at the Palms

How typical that I am in the middle of a photo project that involves looking down, and I show you pictures I shot looking up.


  1. Well, you can't get rid of me that easily! I like the randomness and probably suffer from the same problem on my blog.

    The sky in the first picture is an amazing color of blue!

  2. haha, I keep thinking I need a theme as well. It was about the only positive thing infertility did for me - give me something specific to write about.

    I'll still be here though.

  3. I never cease to wonder out how these break from winter clouds are punctuated by rain and hail! Love the Western sign photo.

  4. oh, is there suppposed to be a theme to our blogs? uh-oh. I guess mine would be single mother who can't get any and wishes she lived in NYC. Nice and simple that one don't you think?

  5. I feel the need to delurk for this post. I love your blog!