Friday, March 06, 2009

Open Letter to a Ford F150

To the driver of the black Ford F150 with Montana license plate 46-821:

I hope you were as freaked out as I was when you almost merged into the right side of my car this afternoon on the I-5. I know your car is much bigger than mine and it is surely a pain to look down, left and behind before changing lanes at high speed, but nonetheless I request that in the future you try to do so. If I had not braked hard you would have put a serious dent into my just completely-paid-off-this-week car.

Glad that I have better reflexes than you do,



  1. You should have blasted the horn. He might have freaked, swerved hard, and flipped.

    That would have been so cool . . .

  2. I hope you gave him a clear sign of your displeasure.

  3. Yikes! Glad to hear an accident was avoided.

  4. Those are always terrible moments! Glad you are safe.

  5. Well, at least the car is paid off... lol.