Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One of the Things I Love About Ellen

I don't know how long this idea was brewing, but on Sunday afternoon Ellen suggested that we build a teepee from some of the willow saplings laying in a pile down the block.  Met with enthusiasm (from Monkey Boy and myself) and general restrained encouragement (from Ada) we went for it. Or rather, Ellen, Ada and Monkey Boy moved forward by heading down the street to shlep some saplings back. I took my pregnant lady prerogative to stay on the couch chatting with Jiro.

with saplings

Upon their return, the saplings were arrayed and assessed for size. While building began, Ada, Monkey Boy and I took a couple of quick three-wheeler spins around the block. We returned to see this:

Under Construction

Progress! The kids had a good time checking out the teepee and helping put on final touches. Almost as much fun as Ellen had building it.

Ada in the teepee


I think both Ellen and I were happy thinking about the play that this structure will house. The kids are just getting to the stage of full-blown independent "pretend" play, making this an excellent foil for their imaginations.


  1. That has a great amount of awesomeness.

  2. Send Ellen to my house! We live across from a Wetland. Can you imagine what she could do with that?