Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ahead of Schedule

Some good news that I needed translated to me as good news before I fully understood its good news-iness:

Friday I am 25 weeks. In Thursday's ultrasound the twins measured 26 weeks size. My first reaction was "whoa nelly"* because in a crazy way I am still confident that the twins will show up at some reasonable date and thus be huge at birth. BUT. Ellen reminded me that it is likely that the twins will show up early, and noted that any extra meat on their bones will be a blessing. Right! Way to prioritize the unlikely over the likely, Nora. And thank goodness I have a midwife as such a close friend, to remind me of the reality.

evidence babies are ahead of me
While the tech was out of the room doing her calculating and techy things, I got bored and started taking pictures.

And for those of you interested in such things, here is a picture of me as of today.
24 weeks 6 days

Several people asked me yesterday when I am due. They used that excited "it must be soon" voice that indicated that they had no idea that I was carrying twins. In other news, you can see the glasses I chose. I went with the black and green frames, which (although not as exciting as red) seemed liked the best shape option. My pal Stephanie** called while I was setting up the tripod, so I decided to take the picture while on the phone. Classy, right? This is seconds after Stephanie promised me that the twins would not have colic.

I am wearing one of the few shirts I have actually bought for this pregnancy. I was so lucky to get so many hand-me-downs, but as I get bigger I am running out of room in many of the shirts. This is exacerbated by my height, which itself is not a problem, but is causing lots of people to get a good look at my naked belly. I finally broke down and got a few shirts, including this wonderfully long one, which has the added bonus of not being too baggy but still having room for added belly-growth.

*No, "Nelly" is not among our name choices. Or rather, not among mine. I haven't looked at Chris' list yet. We need to swap name lists soon, since naming the twins (along with paint the babies' room, sell the Prius and buy a minivan, and settle the whole parental leave thing with my office) is right at the top of the prenatal to-do list.

**Linking to her will probably make Stephanie uncomfortable, because she'll be reminded how long it has been since she posted anything. To that I say: YOU HAD A BABY. You have other things to worry about, like what to wear to the math meetings.


  1. I had two thoughts reading this post:

    "Huh, she's bigger than when I last saw her." (yeah, because that was MONTHS AGO, duh).


    "Huh, prenatal is an anagram of parental."

    Clearly I need more sleep.

  2. Cute top!
    Keep basting them babies till they are big and strong.

  3. Yup. It's been a long time, hasn't it? He doesn't even look like that kid anymore.

    (I'll be wearing a nice skirt and blouse at the math meetings. I always do. It makes it easy to pick me out in a crowd

    PS. My word verification is "reestrin", which sounds vaguely medical, which amuses me.

  4. Yes, I have started getting the "when are you due" questions coupled with the disappointed and/or pitying, "oh not for a while then" response, and I AM ONLY CARRYING 1 CHILD. Also the shirts from my last pregnancy are getting dangerously short as well, to the point that I'm pretty sure I flashed my stomach to my boss the other day in a meeting. Horrifying.

  5. What a cool In The Moment shot.

    Keep on keepin' on . . .

  6. I love the shirt! I've already outgrown some of my maternity pants! I'll probably only have outfit at the end. Fun fun. I'm hoping though that the last two weeks or so will be at home and instead of working. I finally started getting all the details of my company's maternity leave yesterday so you aren't that far behind. We also just went looking for minivans last weekend. We definitely like the Honday Odyssey best. Now we actually have to buy one. We are trading in a Volvo S40 but if I had gotten my a year ago, we would have been trading in a Prius as well.

    Today I stopped by a children's used clothing store and bought a bunch of baby boy infant clothing! This weekend we are starting to transition Lizzie to her new room and big girls bed. We are going to start with naps. I'm hoping to have her in their full time by the start of April so I can redecorate the twins room. So much to do and so little time! I'm hoping to make it to 38 weeks but I don't suppose I have a lot of control over that.

  7. I'm beginning to get the "ohhh it won't be long" comments and I'm only carrying one child, 26 weeks pregnant and this is my first. I know I don't look like the side of a house so I'm guessing that most people don't have a clue at judging how far along a pregnant woman is just by looking at her stomach.

  8. You look great! :) Definitely a good thing they are measuring ahead! :)

    Where is your shirt from? It is very cute!

  9. I agree. You look great! Glad to hear everything is going well.

    P.S. Love the glasses.

  10. You so do not look like a woman about to give birth. Sometimes, people are just silly.

    Glad to hear the kiddlins are already overachieving.

  11. In the kids album.

    "Mom on the phone"

  12. You look great!

    And yes, big is good.

    My assvice? Get everything done as soon as possible. I went into labor with the Squad at 28 weeks. They stuck me in the hospital for the rest of my pregnancy.

    It was there for 41 days.