Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Everything is Puhfectly Nah-mal.

In her soothing accent, my childhood doctor used to proclaim "everything is puhfectly nahmal" at the end of each visit. Lungs, check. Reflexes, check. Blood pressure, check. Whenever I have a doctor appointment that goes as expected, my pediatrician's voice rings in my head, a calming mantra confirming the news.

Monday morning at way-too-early o'clock I had an ultrasound. Not that I had specific reason to worry, but nonetheless I spent the last week or so before a little keyed up about what the ultrasound might show. I am not even sure what I thought the results would be, what bad news I'd learn. I guess it doesn't matter, since all went well today. (Everything except my arrival at the wrong location, annoyance that no one was around, and eventual realization that I needed to be 5 minutes down the road instead. Luckily I got the "fast" ultrasound tech, who turned my 2 hour appointment into an hour. I even walked out "early.")

So everything continues to be normal - twin A (the girl) is the one who seems to have been standing on my bladder on a routine basis. Her brother twin B was a little less wiggly during the scan, consistent with the movements I have been feeling from their respective areas of my uterus.

Now I do have something to worry about. That whole naming thing that Chris and I put off until after this scan can now start in earnest. We've gotten a few suggestions, even some non-sarcastic. We are going to have to get moving on this. If it is true that 97% of twins are born by 37 weeks (something I read recently) we have no more than 18 weeks to find some names for these future bundles of joy. Break out the lists!


  1. My new karaoke name is Harriet. Feel free to use it.

    Do you want matching names?
    Names that have family significance?

  2. I remember her saying something more like "pahhrhhfectly narhhhmahhhl." Why not name the girl after our pediatrician, who I continue to love beyond all reasonable measure? Aviva is a really nice name, I think. Then maybe the boy could be named after Dr. Pillai, who's first name we never knew.
    love, k

  3. Belinda June - matching, like "Sam and Ella"?

    MSF - there was probably more rolling of words than I expressed.

  4. I love Sam, but it really didn't go with our last name.

    How about Jack and Diane?

  5. Ugh, we just have to think of a name for one child and it's not proceeding at all. Names are so difficult.

  6. We've always said that if we had had kids, we would've named them Peaches and Moses. Kinda has a ring to it, don't you think?

  7. Ah...Donny and Marie? Actually, maybe not.
    Becca and Boris?

  8. Woo hoo! Another set of boy/girl twins! I have another mommy friend that has a toddler the same age as Lizzie and is also pregnant with boy/girl twins (naturally occurring). In fact, most people I know with IVF twins have had a boy and a girl.

  9. To be a total geek, it is the most likely outcome. The best one too, if I do say so myself.

  10. Hooray for perfectly normal!

    I desperately wanted to name my first son Murphy but he just didn't suit it & #2 son has my husband's last name (Brown) uh..no go. I like Hannah or Frances for a girl. I recommend finding the oldest baby name book you can (mine was from the '60s) and mining it.