Monday, January 05, 2009

Confusion Spawned by the Baby Name Book Stephanie Loaned Us

Our pal Stephanie loaned us a baby name book that includes numerous categories of names, including:

Names that Spawn Nasty Nick-Names
This kind of stumped us. Adolph, sure. But Boris?

On the girls' list: Christopher. Does the teasing come from the fact that the girl has a traditionally male name?

Names Teachers Can't Pronounce
Why worry about this? I have an easy first name, but practically no one gets my last name right. The kids will have Chris' last name, so they've got that easier at least.

Exotic Names
Included on the list: Cherokee, Cheyenne, Pepita  This caused me to wonder whether the book was published in 1984. But no, 2004. Also on the exotic name list: Sequoia. To my mind, this is a name that could lead to bad nicknames, or at least extensive middle-school teasing. Or it would, if we (a 5'9" woman and her 6'5" husband) named a child this.

According to the book, Adelaide and Crispy (both girl names) are Scary/Creepy Names along with Winnie and Uzbek. The boy names include Neptune, Brick, Bruno, Butcher, Sinbad and Elmo. Okay, they do seem right about some of these at least.

Unforgettable Names
Schmoopie, Lindberg and Trocky.  Yup, unforgettable, in a laughing behind my hand sort of way.

Overpowering Names
Aunjanue (Overpowering, or just mis-spelled?)

Old-fashioned names that are cute again
Mort (um, no. still not cute)
Beulah, Ethel, Flo, Laverne, Mabel (maybe Mabel, but Laverne and Ethel?)

At the 13 week ultrasound the tech told us she thought we've got one boy and one girl. We are waiting for confirmation at the next ultrasound before dealing with names, but the news led Chris (who you'll recall is a mathematician) to suggest we name the kids Max and Min.  (Even worse, on hearing this idea, Jiro said: that would make Nora the Maximum and Minimum at the same time.)


  1. I remember baby name books. All of our kids have fairly traditional names. Nothing too shocking. And for our fourth and final, we had another someone boring list made out. But a couple days before delivery, we decided to chuck to book and be completely creative.

    Thus Zoe Piper was born. She has the coolest name . . .

  2. Yeah, John and I had the same confusion over the name book. I like the suggestion that if you name your son LANCE, he'll be a champion cyclist. We also liked the section on baby names of gay parents. Wha?

  3. Well you are going to be the what's not to like.

  4. My daughter's name is Elliot and even though she's only 8 months old, she's been called a boy more times than I can think of. We don't do pink so I suppose that doesn't help. Good luck picking names, I think Max and Min would be hilarious!

  5. Then there's always the Sarah Palin school of naming thought: Trig, Tripp, Twig, Twit, Twain, etc.

  6. We are struggling with baby names as well. We have a name for the girl but not for the boy. We need to get a book and just start highlighting possible names.

    BTW, my husband studied Math for his undergrad degree and now works for a company that models natural disasters for insurance companies using mathematical algorithms and such.

  7. I could never find boys names I liked. And then the one I had, my sister totally absconded with (our youngest were born 8 days apart which is really pretty squicky, if you ask me). Good things I only had girls.

    And not that you asked, but I'm a big fan of using family names. Unless yours are too .... powerful.

  8. For some reason a while back I thought you would have twins Asa and Ezra.. so much for that.

    I will remind you I have pretty excellent taste in names, eh.

    ps.... what's up with word ver tonight? I'm getting miness on this one. Just got excess on another blogspot. weird.

  9. Naming twins is hard. Our original girl name was Marin, but Gabe thought it rhymed with Ian so we had to rethink things.

    I watch too much West Wing so we chose Ian and Claudia.

  10. We have baby names books because my cousin collect it, when she's pregnant with her first baby..and we use it during or when one of our relatives become pregnant..we prepare different names..