Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3 years

For some reason, bloggers feel compelled to mention their anniversaries. I am no different. Nonlinear Girl is 3 years old today.

This blog has mostly been a fun way to navel gaze and show off pictures of my beautiful family. It has also connected me with a lot of fascinating people, some of whom have become my real life friends. Plus, some of the people I have not met in person I still care about in a very real way. Reading their updates and stories is an important part of my day. For the human connections alone, the blog has been worthwhile.

Oh, and the blog has allowed me the space to take a lot of pictures. I have really enjoyed following Ada around with my camera. The blog inspired me to start (and complete) a 365 project, and to begin the one I am working on now. Yay for an excuse for creativity!

Thanks to everyone who has read and commented on the blog. I appreciate your input and am always happy to read your thoughts - here, on your own blogs or in person.

01/21/09 Beloved Balloon
balloons for everyone!


  1. Three years. That seems like an eternity in Blogland. Way to go! And keep the cool pics and stories coming . . .

  2. Well, good on you, Nora. That's awesome!

  3. I have been reading for about a year. I have stalked your blog back to the beginning and have loved all of it.
    Ada is probably the most photogenic child I have ever seen. My kids always seem to have some weird look on their faces. But not Ada!
    Can't wait for the pic's of the twins!!!!

  4. What a well written blog anniversary post! Love your photography and you have inspired me to look into trying my hand at a project too! Thank you!