Monday, December 01, 2008

In Through the Out Door

While helping me unpack the maternity clothes my neighbor loaned me, Ada asked what the clothes were for.

Me: As the babies grow, my belly is getting bigger. These clothes will help me cover my belly so that I don't get cold. 

Ada: How will the babies get out?

Me, gesturing from my slightly bulgy belly downward between my legs: They will come out this way, but not until they are big and ready to come out. They'll sort of knock and let me know that they want to come out. Then something like a door (making a small circle with my hands) will open a little, then a little more, then more until they have room to come out. Then the door will close again. 

Starting to worry that my door metaphor might make Ada worry that the door could swing open at any time, I added: The door can only open when the babies are ready to come out. They won't just fall out. 

Ada: And how do they get back in?

I could not help thinking of those signs at concert venues: No In And Out.


  1. Ha! I bet she asks that question again, after the babies are born! ;-)

  2. Oh yeah - she's gonna want them back in one day!

  3. That's hilarious...and almost for sure she's going to wonder that again after they arrive!

    When can we start the poll on the length of your labor this time?

  4. Maybe a poll for labor and another for the delivery date. I am fairly sure it won't be on my due date.

  5. I do hope I can dodge this question entirely. Cute answer, though.

  6. Apart from the hilarity of an awesome kid comment, you have provided a great non-question-ducking metaphor here. Brava!

  7. Looking forward to many more of Ada's comments as your pgcy progresses. She's a sharp one, that daughter of yours.

    (and my verification word is pubrions which seems, you know, fitting somehow.)