Monday, November 10, 2008

The Puzzle of "Before Ada"

Chris and Ada, getting ready to walk to the store to buy eggs:

Ada, pointing to Chris's sweatshirt: What does that say?

Chris: Chicago. Do you know who lives in Chicago?

Ada: Barack Obama! Did Barack Obama give you that shirt?

Chris: No. A long time ago, Mama and Papa lived in Chicago.

Ada: When I was a baby?

Chris: Before you were born.

Ada: When I was in Mama's tummy?

Chris: Before that even.

Ada: Where was I?

Me, piping up from the couch: You were like a puzzle that hasn't been put together yet.

Ada: But where was I?

Chris: I had part of you and Mama had the other part.

Ada appeared momentarily satisfied with this answer, though it clearly made no sense to her. For those of you who have kids who are starting to ask this kind of question, how do you answer it? How do you explain the days BC (before child)?

In an unrelated thought, I got Ada to put the bat costume back on so I could get some wing shots:

full wingspan

bat wings

You can see the ears on the hood, but I will settle for these pictures and rest on my laurels for a while.


  1. I have not encountered the existential child questions yet, which, whew! But I'll keep lurking on here for ideas of how to respond to that one, because I have no clue.

  2. I have a book from my own childhood. The 70s were a simpler time. If I can find it, and if you'd like to borrow it, you're welcome to.

  3. Awesome!

    Mine can't really comprehend that there was a time before her. It'll come.

  4. My kids are so narcissistic, they won't accept that there really was a time before them. All time before they were born was time they were in my tummy. No matter what I say.

  5. this puts b's "spooky skeleton cowboy costume" to shame...oh and I have absolutely no idea how i am planning to explain this to b...i think i will just come back here and repeat everything you and Chris said...thanks...xo