Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun with Photobooth

Photo Booth is one of my favorite applications.  Ada and I used it to document the moustaches we painted on one another. (She gave me more of a full beard, but she is only 3.)

Ada and Me with Fake Moustaches

Trying to make herself have fish face
Ada, still mastering the art of the fish-face.

Photobook effects picture
Ada and Chris having fun with the Mirror function.


  1. Ok. That last photo? Beyond freaky . . .

    I must try this thing out . . .

    Great pictures!

  2. Just visited the link. My last Mac was a . . . um . . . it's been 15 years, so give me a moment . . .

    Nevermind . . .

  3. THe last one is CREEEEEPY. But, as usual, it looks like everyone is having fun.

    Re: photo 1. Some students at UCLA had a "mustachio bashio" party where you had to come with a sharpie pen moustache. It sounds like a GREAT kid's party.

  4. Hope you didn't use Sharpie for those works of art ....

  5. Haha! You're braver than I. Also that last photo looks a little freaky!

  6. I love the last one. So interesting.

    We play with Photobooth too...I just don't post them!!! Maybe I should...