Thursday, October 23, 2008

7 Thoughts Since Wednesday at 10:30 AM

Laurie tagged me for a meme, and since I was in the middle of making a list of the stuff that is filling my head in the wake of the twin news, it was easy to play along.  The rules are:
  1. Post the rules on your blog.
  2. Write 7 random things about yourself.
  3. Tag 7 people the one person you think might not be annoyed about it.
  4. Pass on the tag. 
1) I guess we won't be moving Ada into the big bedroom after all.

2) I hope my close pal's future daughter doesn't mind having two best friends.

3) Now that gas prices are going back down will all the good deals on mini-vans be disappearing?

4) I am really not going to fit into any clothes in a few months.

5) Maybe leashes for children aren't so horrible after all.

6) How funny it is that once I come to terms with not having a second baby, I find out that I will have a third too. Not funny ha ha, but funny, am I going to be tired.

7) I'd better start paying attention to those twin blogs. I think Sarah drinks more than I do. That could be important.

I tag Rebecca, who is a few weeks ahead of me in her twin pregnancy.  And anyone, pregnant or not, who wants to do this (email me or comment and I will link to you).


  1. But maybe hold off on most of your drinking until, you know, *after* the birth.


    I mean, CONGRATS!


  2. twins... the surprise 2 for 1 special the stork brought here too :)
    A little drink at the end of the day you survived will do you good :) or even while making dinner depending on the day...
    Just wait till after they're here! And keep reading those blogs!

  3. I have used a leash on my (one) prone-to-run-away child. Major sanity saver! (My husband was horrified but since he wasn't going to be with me on those excursions--to chase the runaway--he didn't get a vote.)

  4. What Gwen said.

    And my mother used a leash in the sixties. It's a known and trusted technique.