Monday, September 08, 2008

The real problem with IVF, part 2

Friday at the grocery store I ran into a friend of Chris's.  His mother recently died, after a brief battle with ALS (Lou Gerhig's Disease).  I had talked to this guy at the start of the summer, and offered some support based in my experience with this disease.  (My grandmother had it.)

I walked over to tell this man how sorry I am for his loss. We talked for a bit, and I found myself welling up. He (a man of good stoic Norwegian stock) remained calm, while I was close to sobbing. And I went over to console him.

Fucking hormones.


  1. Oh man. Sorry about your grandma.

    And yea, the hormones are sheer hell. But crying over a friend's death is way more excusable than, say, crying over an untied shoelace. The latter would take much more explaining.

  2. Penny - yes, I suppose, except that my grandmother died five years ago. Not fresh wounds.

  3. I've made people uncomfortable crying over much less. A situation with a foster rabbit, for example. I think you're totally in the clear.

  4. What they said - shoelaces and rabbits would be odd for tears, dead parent = not so much.

  5. I too am helpless against the stoicism of the Norwegians. How do they do it?

    Hang in there...and let us know what we can do to help.

  6. what everyone else said.

    Except if you don't actually like crying then yeah, fucking hormones.