Sunday, September 21, 2008

Monday is the New Day of Rest

Monday at 11 I've got a date with some embryos.

Of the 9 eggs retrieved, 8 were mature. (So much for that high tech ultrasound.) Four of those were successfully inseminated. Monday I will find out whether any or all of them look good after 3 days. I'll take what I can get.

I'll be resting today, and thinking about how these can be pictures of the same child, taken just one over year apart:

7/21/07 Sheep Wagon
July 2007

Ada enjoying the sheep wagon
September 2008
Whatever happens, I am incredibly lucky.  


  1. ... and deserving.

    I feel I should remember but what is that righteous wagon? Beautiful wood and iron work. What is that thingy.

    never at a loss for a reference question.

  2. Good luck today! I hope you have at least a couple beautiful embryos to put back in.

    Your daughter is lovely! My daughter also has blond hair with curls in the back! I am truly thankful for my daughter as well. There was a long time where I never thought I'd have her.

  3. When did the timid toddler in the first photo make way for the little girl walking through in the second? Seriously. I don't remember that happening.

    Rest. Deep breaths.

  4. Sending all good thoughts westward for you!

  5. Oooh - good. I'll be thinking of you at 2pm my time.

  6. That hair--so gorgeous. (No lice for you!)

    Sending fertile waves your direction.

  7. Good luck, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. She is gorgeous. Keeping you in my thoughts...

  9. Good luck with those babies.
    Looking at your daughter you can't really improve on perfection! She is such a beautiful little girl.

  10. Mo-Wo - the wagon is a sheep wagon. Chris's uncle rehabbed it.

  11. And thanks for the good thoughts, all.

  12. Can I give you permission to take it easy today as well?

    I am twenty-eight years older than your daughter, but I really wish that I had her hair. Wow. Those are some lovely pictures ...

  13. wow, 8 mature eggs, that's great! And 4 fertilized, woo-hoo! I've been away too long from this blog. Hope everything worked out.

    Those pictures are crazy - can a kid grow that much in a single year?

  14. amazing curls. wow...

    I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you.

  15. (un)relaxeddad9/23/2008 2:33 PM

    Lovely pictures! Keeping my fingers crossed that it works out.

  16. She's glorious.

    All the best to you. Hope it was a good week.