Friday, July 18, 2008

Feeling much better now, thanks.

I didn't realize how emotionally exhausting this whole Blogher thing was going to be. Just now, crying and lying curled up on the bed, I got it.

Being outgoing and friendly all day? Hard.

Asking questions and being trying to be funny all day? Tiring.

Approaching people you know only online and who you aren't sure will recognize you? Forcing yourself to repeatedly overcome the urge to hide in the handicapped stall? Listening to people read and knowing your writing is never going to be that funny/beautiful/poignant? Fucking exhausting.

(Wah, cry me a river, right?)

Oh, and Chris? I told Liz that she is your favorite mommy blogger. I hope that's okay. She said something about kissing you. I told her she could be on your list, after Neko Case.


  1. Finding the time to blog in-between all the social activities is impressive too.

  2. dude. word.
    did I tell you that on Friday I too was curled up on my bed sobbing. Like, sobbing dude. Really.
    but you? You've really been a breath of fresh air in all this craziness.
    just so you know.

  3. Um, I think I said I would make out with him. Just to clarify.

    I'm sorry this all hit you so hard. You never have to measure up to anything but your own expectations of yourself. And to mine. Of course. And I think you're just lovely.

  4. Hi Nora,

    It was great meeting you on Friday morning. I'm very jealous that you got to attend the rest of the weekend, it sounds like it was amazing. I mentioned you on my blog and linked to yours, I hope you approve.

  5. You are plenty funny and social. Great meeting you at BlogHer and I linked to your site -- as only one of the many dozens of cards I received and sites I evaluated. You are that good. Keep it up!

  6. I felt exactly the same way!

    I'm pretty sure you and I met at Ruby was VERY LOUD and not conducive to a conversation. Next year, we'll have to chat more!

  7. I am not sure I could have done this...good for you! I am dying to hear all about it...oh and you really don't have to try to be funny, you just are!