Friday, July 18, 2008

A Sign She May Not Win Miss Congeniality

The other night after her bath, I was helping Ada brush her teeth.  While I had control of the toothbrush, she farted. Before I knew what was happening, she put her hand to her bottom and the raised it to my face, offering up the scent of her fart. 

I pulled away, and laughing asked her where she had learned that. Between peals of laughter she told me that no one had taught her, she just did it. After she was done laughing (this took a few minutes) Ada tried to raise her hand to my face again.  I told her not to do it. 

Ada: Why?

Me: Because I don't want to smell your stinky farts. 

Ada, after pausing to consider this: Maybe Papa will!


  1. Gross! But funny! Isn't it amazing what constitutes a really good laugh these days?

  2. HAHAHAHA! This is so going to be my life very very soon!

  3. My daughter and I cut out the hand and we just fart on each other. It never ceases to leave us both hysterically laughing our asses off. Yesterday, while I was napping, she farted on my head.

    Needless to say, my wife thinks we're both nuts..

  4. So, when does she get to see the campfire scene from blazing saddles?

  5. Too funny! Your little Ada sounds like my kind of kid . . .

    I'm a visitor thanks to Gwen's latest blog post. Much fun here. Enjoy your writing. I'll be back . . .

  6. Forgot to share the best fart quote ever . . .

    From the movie Dances With Wolves . . .

    "Put that in your book!"

    OK, I'm done . . .

  7. Nice to meet you. (I think no one ever totally gets over the fart joke stage.)