Thursday, July 03, 2008

Chris Reports

Ada: Juni thinks Sesame is only on cd.*

Chris: Oh really?

Ada: Yeah, but there is Sesame on YouTube.  You sometimes show me Sesame on YouTube.

Chris: Ok, I will make sure Juni knows about that. 

By the way, while searching for an appropriate image to go with this post, I found this post on DaddyTypes about Sesame Workshop's beta Sesame Street Video Player.  If Ada learns about this we may never get off the couch again.

*Ada is a little unclear on the difference between a cd and a dvd.  She also sometimes refers to books as songs, as in "read me this song." Then again, she has mastered the concept of YouTube.


  1. (un)relaxeddad7/03/2008 10:21 PM

    Their capacity to absorb tech is scary, isn't it? Dudelette gets quite annoyed now when we won't let her bash laptop keyboards the way she sees her big brother doing. She seven months old. Meanwhile, dudelet has issues with terrestrial TV - he can't understand why you can't pause it. He doesn't know about you tube, though! (We've set up his own log-in with strict permissions on the sites he can look at)

  2. yeah we get that cd thing exactly the same. nice to hear that.

  3. "We get the cd thing exactly the same..."

    She's referring to me.