Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oh Say Can You See?

Monday night Debbie, Ellen and I went to hear Rebecca Woolf read from her memoir Rockabye. That was lovely and we stayed out past my bedtime, but more importantly, the next day I got a call from Debbie asking if I had seen her (amazing, humongous, world-encompassing) sunglasses.

I sprung into action. I had not noticed them, but then a lot gets by me these days. I asked Ada, who was the obvious suspect, having stolen my sunglasses earlier in the day.

let me think

Ada: Let me think...no, no I haven't seen them. But maybe Sheepie has.


Sheepie: Glasses? What glasses? I usually drink from a bucket.
Better check with Horsie.


Horsie: Neiiighh, no glasses around here. Besides horse sense,
I've got 20-20 vision. Have you asked OX?


OX: Wha?

Ada suggested we go upstairs to ask Hippo.


Hippo: No comment. And get that damn camera out of my face,
will'ya, before I break it over my knee.

Me: Ada, are you SURE you haven't seen Debbie's glasses?

oh, are these yours?

Ada: Oh, THESE? Did you mean these? Oops, sorry.
Yeah, sure, I have them right here.

Debbie, stop by whenever, the glasses will be on the mantle.


  1. It is almost like the Portlanders were in their LA regalia??

    And, how were the cookies with the bookies???

  2. I kind of feel like Ada should get to keep them *just* because she looks so smashing, even with her entire face hidden behind them.

    (damn. how did it get past me that they're rather large-ish?)

  3. adorable! thinking of you lots lately. i hope all is well!