Sunday, April 27, 2008


It's been one hell of a weekend.

Friday: Saturday:

I know I am biased, because she's my daughter, but I will love this picture forever. It feels like a portrait of childish exuberance.

Some friends who were busy getting married and having a baby last year rented out a summer camp for the weekend to celebrate with friends and family. There was a parade.

The parade, with costumes, musical instruments, hordes of children, was great. Almost as good was the hour and a half I spent in a field reading the latest New Yorker while Ada napped in a nearby cabin.


Near the elevators at my doctors' office.

To be fair, Chris and I did spend part of Friday and Saturday discussing how many embryos to have returned to my uterus. I even found cell reception at the top of a hill and talked to the doc on call about the decision. But it came down to Sunday.

How many eggs the doctors recommend depends on several factors: (1) no previous failed IVFs (nope); (2) good quality eggs (yup); (3) having more eggs than you need, so you can freeze some (yes, a few). Six of the seven eggs looked good, which is great, but made it hard to tell we had a good chance of achieving a pregnancy with only 2 eggs implanted. Two might not be enough, but the chance of multiples goes up with 3.

Did I want a baby or fear twins more? In the end my emotional response remained the same, but my logical mind won out. We had two eggs implanted. Was it the right decision? Who knows. All we can do now is wait, and hope.


  1. for what it is worth, i have always wanted twins...never had or will, but the wonder of two coming when one usually does...the intensity (easy and hard) must be incredible...oh, may you know your gut soon.

    strength as you make choices...

  2. i will be hoping for you too. i hope the next week(s) are peaceful and free of stress. lovely photos indeed.

  3. I am a sucker for a little runaway photo, too.

    Busy weekend, yes. Life is full.

    ps.. so wish you were hitching a ride with BMC to see us this tues... but I guess you are too busy : > soon.

  4. Cheering on those two little eggs!

  5. I love the baseball in a tutu picture!

    Good luck with the transfer - I hope one sticks around!

    Thinking of you.

  6. Go go go! I'm not sure what I'm cheering for exactly (implantation? cell division? patient waiting?), but I'm hooting and hollering.

  7. we're keeping you all in our thoughts...

  8. Love the pictures. Love the choice.

  9. Yay! More little ones! Two more little ones! Wait, that's not what I'm supposed to cheer for, is it? But it'd be kind of awesome too.

  10. hoping for you, too.

    and a whole camp? that sounds like SO much fun.

  11. hoping hoping hoping...