Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scenes from Life in a Poopy Fog

Monkey Boy was over and he and Ada were busy placing wooden beads in two containers. I helped Monkey Boy put his beads into an empty honey bear. Once the top was on, Monkey Boy declared: "OK! Now we have everything we need to hunt for poop sticks!"

Off the kids run, yelling "poop sticks! poop sticks!" A few minutes later I notice Ada has a green tinker toy stick in her mouth. I tell her to take it out, and she asks if she can lick it. I tell her "no, that is not a good idea." She counters: "But it's a poop stick." Maybe it's me, but that seems to undermine Ada's stance.

* ** * ** * ** *

While watching Chris play in his annual basketball tournament, Ada asked: "When does Papa get the ball?"

3/7/08 Papa's biggest fan

I explained, "They all have the ball."

Ada: "Yeah, that's sharing. Sharing is caring."*

* ** * ** * ** *

Ada: Why is this my unbrella?
Junie: Because you are the only one in your house who uses it.
A: You and Sarah have one.
J: Yes.
A: Why do you live with Sarah?
J: Because we love each other and we wanted to live together.
A: Yeah. Like Mama and Papa.
J: (no doubt considering how to explain difference between "roommate" and "girlfriend")
Yes, except that Sarah and I are not a family.
A: (pause, considering this) Yeah, because you don't have a kid.

*By the way, "sharing is caring" is one of those random things people tell young children, even though toddlers have no way to really understand what it means. I got it from Ellen, who learned it from her sister-in-law. Ada and Monkey Boy routinely parrot it back to us, but since they do seem to be actually getting the concept of sharing (not just of 'waiting semi-patiently until it is my turn') I won't worry too much about it. They certainly were sharing whatever poop sticks they found. Which is fine, as long as they don't share them with me.


  1. We're still using the phrase "poop sticks." Poop sticks are HILARIOUS.

    Also, I mentioned to Chris today, but in my mind, Ada is still the little girl who crawled on one knee and one foot around our house. I know she's bigger now and all, but it still sort of surprises me when she's so verbal.

  2. crunchycarpets3/13/2008 4:31 PM

    That is like my neighbours 'That is not kind'...this after the kid pounded my kid.

    Nooooo that is NOT kind.

    Now mine say it all the time.

  3. (un)relaxeddad3/19/2008 3:06 PM

    "Poop sticks" I don't want to know. As for sharing, I spent today helping marshal 14 four year olds around the London Transport Museum and at each steering wheel opportunity, every single one had to have a go - and if someone had their turn in the wrong order or tried to go twice...