Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Photos

It is my pal Jiro's birthday, and he is off with Ellen on a child-free weekend. I hope they are having a great time.

While I am thinking of Jiro, here are photos of the fun he had with Ada and Monkey Boy and a huge box:

1/18/08 The box riders
The intrepid box-scooting crew

box riders on the move
Who knew that making a box move across the floor could generate such excitement?

Moving through the kitchen
I had to back up to get out of their way, the speed they achieved was that intense.

Finally abandoning Jiro to his box
But speed has its price, and as the box started to disintegrate, the kids
jumped out. Jiro hung on to the game for a good hour or two after that, scooting around the house and yelling "woo hoo! who's with me?"


  1. Ha! I can't stop giggling at that last sentence.

  2. Frig. Look at those beautiful big brown eyes.

    That is all.