Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another problem with living in a city that is 77.9% white

Chris and Ada were looking at the newspaper one recent morning. Ada noticed a photograph of two African Americans, one female and one male. Pointing, she announced: "Gordon and Susan!"


  1. (un)relaxeddad1/08/2008 9:45 PM

    Not a problem we face in London, though we've had to work quite hard on some of dudelet's personal improvised categories of ethnicity.

  2. I'm quite impressed that she's versed in vintage Sesame Street. I probably thought the same thing, when I was here age! Actually, my mom tells me that the first time I saw a person of African ancestry, I said, "Mommy, why did that man not wash his face?"

    Thankfully, three year olds have some leeway in the social graces department ...

    ~ laura, who can't read enough Thai to figure out the new blogger commenting form!

  3. Ada is crazy for old sesame street. She has barely seen any new SS, as it is on at 9am here and I don't need a rest period at 9 right now. (and we don't own a dvr) We tend to watch old sesame street clips on youtube, and she has a 3 dvd set of early shows. Plus her beloved sesame street cds (3 disks of songs, called "Life on the Street").

  4. We run into this same typecasting- Finn has a Chinese girl in his class and anywhere we go if he sees a girl even slightly asian in her looks he shouts HI KATIE!

  5. yes we rely on youtube for our street fixes too. I remember quite a few meals constructed thanks to the Sesame Street 1972 that's been posted. (Incidentally, I guess I was my daughters age when that was originally produced. I enjoy that fa ct.)

    Susan so rocks with the "one of these things" segment in that one.

  6. Why have I never thought of checking youtube? Fabulous ...

    Madeline gives the Sesame Street video podcasts a thumbs up. They're light on the Elmo Factor.