Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thank You, Visa

I just got a call from the pharmacy that is processing my fertility medications. Apparently my credit card company would not approve the $3,700 charge the pharmacy was billing me.

A quick call to the credit card company to verify that the charge was not fraud (highway robbery, maybe, but not fraud), and we are back in business. If by "business" we understand I mean "a horrifying sinking feeling that I am spending almost four thousand dollars on things I wish I didn't need."

Good to know my credit card company thinks this kind of thing is unusual. I certainly do.


  1. $3700!! Wow

    That's like 10 Xboxes.

  2. That is totally crappy. I love how health insurance is always there until you need it.

  3. Ugh. That makes my stomach sink on your behalf. So sorry.