Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Handmade It

So that you don't think that all I do is sit around complaining about bland holiday celebrations and the state of my uterus, I present: what I have been doing when not in front of the computer. (Part 1)

Due to a desire to not feed the consumer machine this holiday season large hole in my checking account (and ok, a desire to fire up the sewing machine on these long nights), I decided to make things for as many people as I could.

I was assisted by an uncharacteristically helpful Ada, seen here watching her beloved Sesame Street dvd while eating roasted chestnuts on Thanksgiving weekend. Ada let me work on one project for a whole hour, when I let her sit in front of an hour's worth of "classic" Sesame Street.

11/23/07 We each had our distractions
Actually, that day I was sewing pants for her.

Some of the projects I can't show you right now, since Karen hasn't received her package yet (by which I mean, I haven't sent her package to her yet). I can show you one of the things I made for Ellen. In recent years, Ellen has gotten into wearing aprons while she cooks. She got this from her sister-in-law, along with some actual aprons. Here is the apron I made Ellen for Hanukah:

ellen's apron, side 1

The apron is double sided, this is the fabric on the other side:

ellen's apron, side 2

Not sure why I see this side as the second side, since I decided to make an apron when I found it, and then later paired it with the orange and yellow fabrics. This was my first apron. I liked it enough that I will try another, when I can find someone who needs a gift and wears aprons.

Now on to the child-assisted craft:

cards ada made

Ada helped me make new years cards. I like sending cards, but (a) don't feel comfortable sending Christmas cards and (b) even if I did want to, no matter my good intentions I never get my cards out before the week before new year's anyway. I made potato stamps for Ada, and she had a great time smacking them all over some blank cards I had stashed for just such an opportunity.

It was fun working with Ada and it had me excited for the things we can make and do as she gets older and more interested in slightly more complicated projects. For now I am limited to projects that can be completed during nap times and at night. I have an elephant and a stenciled onesie for the soon-to-be baby sibling of Ada's pal Lila. Plus a few more things to make. I hear that one of the admin staff in my office made Ada a hat. To maintain my crafty honor, I must retaliate with something hand-made.

post hanukah stupor
feeling very self-satisfied, or is that tired?


  1. Oh, I wish I could sew! In the meantime I will live vicariously through talented folks like yourself.

    I am working with my kids on their Christmas presents to family; it's a slowwwww process, but fun. I hope that making presents will be a tradition we can continue even when the kids get older.

  2. I love those cards! I wanted to make cards, with stamps and photoshop and stuff, but I was vetoed. So I caved and ordered from Shutterfly. They're okay, but yours are better.

    The apron is cute too.

  3. Cute apron! Maybe she'll give you some tomato soup with mustard in return!

    When I'm not grading papers, I'm knitting. It's the only way I'm going to get anything done.

  4. Id be honored to receive something so lovely and hand made. And those cards? Putting my mass produced pieces of crap to shame over here..

  5. hello? those aprons are AWESOME. and the cards are great too! nice work!

  6. i mean THE apron. singular. (but good enough to be plural!)