Thursday, November 15, 2007

Monster Mash

Ada has started two new things at once, and they are interacting in an interesting way. Thing 1: fear of things doing her harm. Thing 2: playing with imaginary pals.

Today Ada yelled to me, when I left the room to find a sweater, that a monster was going to eat her. She sounded concerned, but not terribly scared. When I returned to the room, I asked her where the monster was. At first it was under the couch. (Nope, just dust bunnies, though those are pretty scary.) Then the monster moved into Ada's book. A small book. Once I identified that the monster was small enough to fit inside Ada's book, I told her that maybe that by leaving the house (what I wanted to do anyway) we'd avoid any danger. That's when Ada decided that Frederick (the monster's name) should come with us. With that, she scooped up the invisible monster, and kept her hand closed around him for our whole walk.

As we walked, I asked Ada to tell me about the monster. Apparently this monster is small, red and horned. He has a tummy, and arms. (Actually, I am projecting that the monster is male, given its name, but with Ada that isn't clear. Frederick might be a girl's name.)

When we met up with Ellen and Monkey Boy, Ada shared her monster pal with them. Avery was a bit put out by the news that Ada had a monster, given that he couldn't see it. It seems that it is stretching the expectations for toddler imagination to hope that one toddler can see another's invisible friend.

11/2/07 Snail Rider

a big slug, not a tiny monster


  1. I like how she has taken a potentially scary intruder in her home and turned it into her friend!

  2. Magical imagination. I love this story.

  3. You know, if Ada ever decides she needs a little knit Frederick (so Avery can see him too, because the rest of us already can), I can work that out.

    This story made me smile...and it's been a long week, so I really needed that.

  4. I think this monster friend has great potential as a protector and confidante for when things do get real-life scary (for toddlers ,that is).

    What a bright girl to choose such a powerful friend!

    Your daughter is gorgeous, btw.

  5. I want to move to your neighbourhood and search for the concrete lettuce.

  6. Wonderful story :)

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