Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1 was Ada (a counting rhyme)

(Inspired by Ada's reworking of one of her favorite books. With apologies to Maurice Sendak.)

1 was Ada
who got in the bath

2 was a rat
who showed her some math

3 was a cat
who jumped on the soap

4 was a dog
(what a tired old trope)

5 was a turtle
looking to score

6 was a monkey
yelling "Turtle's a whore"

7 a blackbird
drank some bath water

8 was a tiger
said "you're just like their daughter"

9 was a robber
who's exploits he'd rue

10 was a puzzle
what should Ada do?

She stood in her tub
and said here's what I'll do

I'll start counting backwards
and when I am through

If this tub isn't empty
I'll wash all of you!

9 was the robber
who left with a pail

8 was the tiger
who took off for Vail

7 the blackbird
left to meet an iguana

6 was the monkey
yelled "see ya' maƱana"

5 was the turtle
gone quick as a wink

4 was the dog
left hair in the sink

3 was the cat
who fled to North Platte

2 was the rat
who slipped on the mat

1 was Ada
who soaked in the bath
and liked it like that!


  1. I love that!

    We love the "little books" too.

  2. utterly, charmingly subversive. gotta love it.

  3. "turtle's a whore."

    well, duh. obviously.