Saturday, August 11, 2007

The other things on my mind

Lately I have been fairly stressed out (work mostly, plus a few other things thrown in). I have started several posts about my blue mood, but I'm hampered by the fact that (a) posts about how low I am feeling are not very interesting; and (b) it is hard to explain to others what is bothering me when I am not entirely sure myself what is at the root of my recent funk. Ironically, once I figure that out I know I'll feel better, but that's something for another day.

In the mean time, here are some of the other things floating around the margins of the blog, each one not quite enough for a post, but still hoping to see the light of blog:

You Ate What?

You know how little kids can be very sensitive about food - its texture, physical heat, spiciness? Well, Ada can be pretty picky, and often refuses to eat things on sight. When I can get her to agree to one little bite, she often notices that she actually does like the food in question. (Take Wednesday night's arroz con pollo, for example.) Despite reading and rereading Green Eggs and Ham to Ada (and making repeated comments to her like, "wow, he thought he wouldn't like that, but then when he took a bite he LOVED it!") Ada still resists.

Despite Ada's opposition to certain foods, she tends to be pretty open to trying new things (as long as they don't fall into a forbidden texture or look category). Now that she's tall enough to reach up to the kitchen counters and grab things off, she'll help herself to snacks when I am not quick enough on the draw. She'll nibble on whatever she finds, whether or not it is a known item. Today I noticed her holding something green, and when I asked her what she was eating she held out a small green vegetable:

I took it from her, worried that she'd start screaming when the heat hit her. But apparently this is a mellow jalapeno and she munched happily on the bit that she'd already gotten in her mouth. Next time she complains that some food is too 'picy, I know what to give her instead.

Evil, But With A Sense Of Humor

I have been working more, which is part of what has me stressed out. I moved up to 60% time at work, but the past two weeks I have had meetings scheduled on my off day. An 11-1 meeting (that doesn't actually end until 2) eats up the whole day and leaves me feeling like I have lost time with Ada and yet didn't have time to be productive at work. Once in a while the meetings do offer some side benefit. One meeting this week included a delicious lunch, and walking out of a downtown building afterwards, I saw this on a Honda Odyssey:

Now I know what bumper sticker to buy if I ever have to buy a minivan.

There are a bunch of other things floating around in my head, including:

  • considering IVF again
  • wanting to write a post for all the people who find me by googling about crying
  • wondering why I feel so overwhelmed by what seems like a pretty normal and easy life, and
  • wanting to share pictures of some of the shirts I have made recently.
(Speaking of which, if you are a small/medium and think you might like a shirt, I have one that is just never going to fit me no matter what. Let me know.) Those posts and others may or may not get done any time soon, but that's the way of the blog, right?


  1. My posting ideas usually arise retrospectively. Now I'll be off to dos Amigos in my chariot of great evil for a peck of jalapenos.

  2. food is too 'picy --

    LOL- My daughter says the same thing all the time...

  3. You might say I qualify for that bumper sticker.

  4. I typed this whole comment that expressed sympathy and solidarity and was, you know, long and stuff. Because I think we are sort of in the same place, on a lot of this. And Blogger ate it. F*ck you, Blogger!

    Anyhow, HI. I LIKE YOU. I wish we could hang out soon.

  5. I love that bumper sticker.

    And while I haven't been able to fit into a small/medium shirt since middle school, I'm dying to see your latest stuff.

  6. I just want to encourage you to write about whatever you think might be bothering you. It might not seem interesting, but sometimes that helps the rest of us who are feeling blue and murky too figure out what is up with us!

  7. And I've been thinking about trying to write a post about my yelling that is anywhere near as good as your crying one was. It just ain't gonna happen.

  8. (un)relaxeddad8/17/2007 1:15 PM

    Dudelet's pretty good with at least trying spicy foods providing there's a glass of milk handy. Being evil, despicable parents, we encourage this, mostly because of the expression on his cute little face when he says "Milk please!" He does have a real jones for chorizo sausage, though. And spicy Indian miniature triangle-pastries-the-name-of-which has-gone-right-of-my-head