Monday, July 16, 2007

I (word that means take pictures) Myself

(After months of suffering people visiting looking for home-made p*rn that isn't here, I changed the title, hoping I will fall off google's ranking for a popular search phrase.)

While in San Francisco the week before my sister's wedding, I had a lot more time to myself than usual. I'd gone down to help Karen and Anthony deal with last minute details, but as organized as they were, there wasn't really that much to do. Plus, without Ada Shortpants hanging around, I suddenly had the freedom to read an excellent novel, an over-rated graphic novel (the movie was better), and everything short of the music listings in the most recent New Yorker.

I also took some pictures. But with my favorite subject a state away for most of the trip, in four days I shot more pictures of myself than I normal get around to taking in three months. Here are a few of them.

7/03/07 self-portrait with mustache and camera
Self-portrait with mustache and camera.

I'd just like to say - it is a lot harder than it looks to take a picture of yourself that aligns properly with the fake mustache stuck to the mirror.

7/02/07 self with SF friends

And people say San Franciscans are stand-offish.

Head in a cage

Ok, this isn't me, but don't you feel like this sometimes too?

07-01-07 self-portrait with blue halo.jpg

The question isn't: Why is this on your head?
The question is: Why was this in Karen's house?

Now if I can just track down some of the green wig pictures Ellen took, I can really embarrass myself.


  1. I love the head in the cage.

  2. Man, this is the best blog ever. (and we're loving the skull thing too, now)

  3. Great pictures. Love the head in the cage. But I also love to say whatever Lumpyheadsmom says.