Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eight It Up

P-man tagged me for a meme. He was supposed to tag 8 people (to keep on an "8 things about me" theme), but chose only four. Perhaps he did this because he hoped each of the four tagees will post 16 things, and he'll have hit his quota. Or maybe it is because he knows that 4 (like 8) is a product of powers of prime? (I'll let that one sink in while Chris and Stephanie laugh at me.)

Whatever the reason P-man decided to pick (on) me, I will step up to the plate. As I understand them from his blog, the rules are:

  • list 8 facts/habits about yourself;
  • post the rules at the beginning before those facts/habits; and
  • tag 8 people and post their names, go to their blogs and leave them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and ask them to read your blog.
For no better reason than that I feel the need to have a theme to these facts, I offer 8 things about me, the mind and body edition:
  1. (Mind and Body) I take a Darwinist approach to gardening. It pains me to have to water, because I feel that the strong plants deserve to live. But. I want lots of tomatoes, and would an ear of corn or two be a lot to ask?

  2. (Body) I can't seem to find sandals. I have worn the same two pairs for years and years, despite the fact that one gives me blisters across the tops of my big toes, and the other pair hurts my feet if I walk more than a block in them. Either consequence is better than the fruitless shopping for replacements.

  3. (Mind on Body) I am feeling disappointed that it is July and Chris hasn't made me a mojito yet. Last year we were awash in them. Sloshing, really.

  4. (Mind) I am in love with this website.

  5. (Mind over Body) I have just come to terms with the fact that I would rather go to a museum than get a massage. I like a massage, but given the chance to do something fun while child-free in San Francisco last week, I ditched the suggestion to be pampered. Instead I wandered around SF MOMA enjoying a fantastic exhibit of the photographs of Martin Munkacsi. The only downside is that I left with museum-back.

  6. (Body) For years I had a used Polaroid camera I bought for $5 in Brooklyn. It took great, if strangely colored, pictures before dying suddenly. I keep thinking I should get a new one, but now I don't have to. My sister and her husband bought four of them for people to use during the wedding reception. They kept one and the other three went to the officiants (me, since I performed a pre-ceremony on a bluff in Crissy Field, and the two guys who performed their main wedding.) Karen told me that one of the cameras for me just as I was going to ask her if I could buy it from her. Imagine my joy!

  7. (Body over Mind) Despite the fact that I am in general easily embarrassed, last week I wore a bright green wig studded with seaweed and plastic fish to a party and then to a dance club.

    Photo credit: Karen's friend Karla
    Ellen is the one flexing her muscles.

  8. (Yes, I mind) I am not surprised. Horrified, but not surprised.

Rather than tag 8 people, I am tagging 1. Debbie honey, it is all on you. (Edited to add: And STEPHANIE!) Anyone else want to do this one? Let me know (email or smoke-signals preferred). Instead of tagging, I am asking you to tell me what blog you are obsessed with these days. Even in the dog days of summer, I am sure you've got something that's dug into your brain, like a weevil on crack. Or meth, 'cause crack is so last century.

Oh yeah, and would it kill you to click here a few more times?


  1. I've never even had a massage. I think I'm due. But I feel too guilty. "We're not massage-getting people!" I can hear my mom say...

    So. I'll go to the museum with you. But only if you wear the green wig. And I can take Polaroids of you.

  2. Crack weevil. Ha!

    The wig is made more stunning in how it offsets the pink skirt/violet sweater ensemble.

    As for blogs over which I obsess, um, yours?

  3. Hm. I'll do it. Does that mean you have to leave me a comment? I can think of 8 things, surely. Or maybe some other product of powers of primes.