Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sharing is Fun

Some of the blogs I read are a glimpse into other worlds. They show me other ways of living, of thinking, of being. Then there are blogs I read because they are comfortable. I have "me too" moments or share something with the writer, whether that's a sense of humor, interests and experiences, or neuroses.

I feel both these things when I read what Laurie of Upside Up writes. I am intrigued by her glimpses into life with twins, and enjoy looking ahead a bit into the life of children just a little older than Ada. I also read Laurie's blog because, even though I have only met the part of her that she shares at Upside Up, I regularly enjoy her sense of humor and find myself laughing out loud at the flotsam she grabs from the ether for her readers. I enjoy "knowing" Laurie, and am interested in the things she has to share.

In support of sharing, I wanted to pass on that Laurie and three blog-friends have just launched a new site, called sk*rt. The sk*rt publicity materials say that:

sk*rt is an online media ranking site created for and by women, featuring topics women dig.

sk*rt was designed to promote sites, blogs, video, products, articles, ideas, art, etc. to women and to the men who want to get in our heads.

I checked it out and find it easy to use and interesting enough for me to return. Laurie asked if I (and everyone else in her rolodex) would help her promote sk*rt. Since I like Laurie and I liked the site, I agreed. I hope you like it too.

If that isn't enough for you, I also wanted to share a brilliant post Laurie wrote in April, about traveling with her girls, and fear and parenting in an unsafe world. This post has stuck with me since I read it months ago. If that isn't enough reason to share such a post, I don't know what is.


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