Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy Two

Ada has just gotten the concept of birthdays in a real way. When we told her we were going to have a party for her, she replied hopefully: "with cake?"

Yes, with cake. Today is her birthday, and while I got ready to go to work, Chris sat with Ada watching old sesame street videos on youtube. She could barely be bothered to say good-bye when I left. Although a part of me is sad that she'd more interested in Bert than in her mother's comings and goings, getting to this point has been a long road, so it is also nice to see her her with interests outside of whether or not I am holding her.

Ada, I love you and am already prouder of you than you'll ever know.

Minutes After Her Birth

At Six Months

A Year Old

18 Months

Last Week, Almost Two


  1. happy birthday, cutie pie!

  2. Happy Birthday Ada! (And congrats to her mom and dad for making it through another year!)

  3. Oh, it's so true. At eighteen months, they're just happy to see you, but by almost-two, they're looking over your shoulder, intent upon what lies ahead.

  4. Such sweet pictures. Happy birthday, Ada!

  5. happy birthday, miss a! that photo of her on the dog is one of my all time favorites.

  6. I hope Ada enjoyed her birthday and her cake! She is gorgeous and lucky to have such a loving mom.

  7. Ada rocks! We love you, sweet girl. Happy birthday. Enjoy

    For us two was the rite of passage to things like balloons and candy. Whoa she got it with those treats.

  8. Is it sort of silly that these pictures made me teary? She's really as amazing and glowy as I was trying to tell you today. She's like a piece of golden sky.

    Lovely Ada. Happy birthday.

    (and J finally wished her a happy birthday tonight as we read the happy birthday book. I pointed to the cake, and he said excitedly, HAPPAH BUFDAH ADA!" which made me laugh. because we kinda missed our moment. but still.)