Monday, June 11, 2007

A Berry Good Day

Ada and I often spend Friday mornings with a group of kids (and their moms). Three of the six moms have had babies in the past couple of months, which has put a little damper on our socializing of late. I hear rumblings that the (once again) new moms are ready to start visiting again, while we were on sabbatical Ada and I took in the sights. And then Debbie called. Berry picking? We'd love to pick berries! I called Ellen and she and I packed the kids in the car, meeting Debbie and her redhead at the farm.

Did I say we'd love to pick berries? Let me restate that: I loved picking berries. Ada, Monkey Boy and the Redhead didn't really get the "you pick" thing. They were all over the "you eat" part, however, and their faces were quickly juice-stained.

Ada and Monkey Boy also really liked the flags set out to mark progress along the rows. Ellen and I tag-teamed the kids, trading kid chasing and picking duties. Somehow she managed to pick two flats, one of which we dropped off at Clyde Common, where they became dessert.

The redhead helped his mom a bit. Mostly by pointing out ripe berries she might have missed.

Ada and Monkey Boy were so sugar-sotted that they even kissed. I was too slow, but managed to get this post-smooch shot.

And then we rolled our strawberry soaked bellies home for baths and naps. We'll be back for raspberries. And cherries. And peaches...


  1. awesome! call me next time you go. :)

  2. I wanna go, too. How long do you think it would take me to get there from DC?

  3. and, oh, MAN, don't forget blueberries. aka kid crack.

    I can't wait for blueberries.

    and that shot of the post-kiss look on Ada's face is just - oh, I haven't got words for it.

  4. I have picked berries all my life (with time off for pregnancy last year)

    With my little farmers ready to go this year I can't wait.