Friday, April 20, 2007

What a difference each day makes

Earlier this week I read about Hau's project to photograph an aspect of her family's life every day for a year. She encouraged her readers to participate, and almost without thinking I told her I wanted to do it. So I am. I've set up a flickr set, and put a little flickr rotating photo doohickey in my sidebar. I may also occasionally post my "365" photos to the blog.

After I set up the "365" set, I took a peek to see who else is posting using "365" as a label. Turns out lots of people are. Plus, Emily let me know about a 365 Kids group on flickr. Take a look, there is some good stuff out there.

I told Chris that I was going to do this, and he gave me a smile suggesting he recognized my desire to jump into this kind of project with great enthusiasm but maybe not too much thought. He knows I get excited and take on projects that end up having a life of their own. In this case, I have thought some about how I can realistically engage in a photo a day project. I make no promise that I will upload my daily photo to flickr every day. I can take a picture (or 30) every day, but I will need a little slack on the posting side. I will try to do it at least weekly.

As much as it makes me nervous to type this, I promise to post a photo even if I am not happy with any of the photos I take on a given day. This is going to be the hard part for me. I make no claims on being a great photographer, but I am vain. That aside, I will try to get past my discomfort to give you a daily glimpse into what is happening in my world.

Photo 1/365: Ada post-nap

So, who'll join me? It will be fun!


  1. is there a 52 (weeks)version of this??? I'm too wimpy to promise every day!

  2. Those photos of Ada are awesome. I love the one of her drinking milk. Her expression is priceless.

  3. What a great shot, she's just to sweet. I look forward to seeing more!

  4. You can do it! Lots of folks in our group shoot every day but only upload to Flickr a few times a week. It is always fun to get feed back from other people in the project as well.

  5. Cool. I once read a suggestion to videotape your kids once a day, even if just for 15 seconds. I certainly don't do it, but it did free me to just whip out the camera for random, everyday stuff, instead of Big Events.

  6. Likewise. I don't think I could upload a picture daily. Nor do I think I could hang with some of those taking great photos every day. I definitely know I didn't give too much thought on how I would approach the pictures, but I guess that's what makes it so fun. I love your pictures so far. Ada looks more and more each day like a little girl!

  7. You've inspired me to join. I'm excited and nervous at the thought!

    I love your photos of Ada.

  8. something blue what are you doing??/ you have two kids.. aren't you too busy???

    er... I wish I could. maybe aka.... yeah right.
    .. hahahahahahaha

  9. That sounds like a lot of fun. I'd do it, but I seriously need a better camera.

    And, yes, taking a pic a day is probably not the problem. Remembering to upload the pics -- that's a whole other story...