Thursday, April 05, 2007

Random quote and unrelated photo of the week

Dennis Mitsubishi, where every Friday is Fatah Friday, with free rubber swords for all the kiddies. Our prices are lower than the evildoers' every day - just ask the Pope.

As reported in Harpers Magazine (March 2007), from a preview radio advertisement for Dennis Mitsubishi in Columbus, Ohio leaked to the media in September 2006. (After the Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a protest, the ad was cancelled.)


  1. (un)relaxeddad4/07/2007 2:48 PM

    These little fragments of randomness (and I especially like the photo this week) are rapidly becoming one of my favourite blog-stopovers!

    The reverse of this particular one happened in the UK when a spate of exagerated stories about political correctness led to the Muslim Council of Great Britain having to patiently explain over and over that, no, they were not offended by the use of piggy banks in advertising and that no protests had taken place. Turned out that no-one could trace an original instance of this particular 'cultural sensitiveness' but no newspaper could resist running it just in case it turned out to be true. I guess there's a lower standard of fact-checking if you'a tabloid reporter writing about a religious minority...

  2. We just did the interview meme thingy where you ask people at the end if they want to be interviewed by you. I almost begged you to let us interview you because 1. we want to know if there is a linear girl somewhere you know of... 2. we think we could come up with 4 more questions and 3. we have a Geraldo Rivera complex