Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Thank goodness for the Stute Fish and Mother-Woman. If I had not seen the cool photos of their lovely egg decorations, I would not have remembered to download the pictures from our visit to eggland Ada's grandparents' house. But lucky for both you and me, I did see their pictures. After hosting a wonderful (and woefully unphotographed) late Passover seder on Saturday, the nonlinear family headed down the road to search out an array of real and plastic eggs. Sadly, most of the photos look something like this:

or this:

Yup, some of those dyed eggs leaked. And a blue and purple marbled egg would be really cool, if I hadn't peeled it intending to eat it. But I challenge you to hold up a blue and purple marbled egg and bite into it. I know the dye is food safe, but there is just something about neon blue that screams "DO NOT EAT!" So I didn't.

Despite this photograph, Ada had a great time hunting for eggs. She really enjoyed the hunt, and her grandparents did a perfect job of "hiding" eggs for her. Plus, the more I see of it, the more I understand what a racket this whole series of Christian holidays is. For easter Ada got real eggs (lovingly dyed by her grandparents, uncle and her beloved almost-cousin), plastic eggs filled with raisin packets, tiny oval playing cards, silly putty and play-doh, plus a soft white sheep (cryptically dubbed "goat"). Oh, and a basket. Plus a little chocolate and a full satisfying dinner of ham, ham and more ham. (For a girl who has been much pickier of late, she can really pack it in when she likes something.)

Lest you think that we spent all week peeling and discarding blue eggs, I share this as evidence that we also worked in the garden. And by "worked" I mean that Ada asked to see worms, which I dutifully dug up and presented to her so that she could touch them and then demand that I put them "home" (back in the dirt).


  1. That egg looks like an eyeball to me. And I love love love Ada's sweater and denim jacket. You've got the best outerwear. . .

  2. That egg looks disgusting. I would not have eaten it either, though I would not have thought to photograph it.

    I also love Ada's jacket and work pants. The lace and the huge cuffs make a great outfit. Cute girl.

  3. That egg makes me think of the Residents. Yum.

  4. Yeah, never eat anything blue. Can you name one single healthy food item that's blue? And you can't count Kool-Aid.

    It just can't be good for you.

    We skipped the eggs this year. But maybe next year. Easter sneaked up on us fast.