Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kelly, Mint and Forest

In honor of St. Patrick's day - I am wearing green. Green with envy, that is.

Here's what makes me feel jealous:

  • A grad school friend with a high profile job;
  • You get more hits than me;
  • That friend who is pregnant again, and so easily;
  • Why doesn't my hair ever look as good as hers?
  • Being a little fish blogger, I sometimes won't write about something because I know the big fish are going to write about it and get much more attention for it.
  • The coolest shoes are so much harder to find in size 9;
  • How does she have such willpower?

So now I want to know, what are you jealous about? Don't leave me feeling that I'm the only one.


  1. little fish have thoughts too. Sharing your thoughts and finding a school of other little fish can help you become a bigger fish.

    alternatively, a little fish is a big fish if you consider less of the sea. a big fish is a little fish if you consider more of the sea.

  2. I'm jealous that an old friend just got mercilessly mocked, ridiculed, and humiliated on GAWKER.COM. At least people know who she is.

    --Betsy Veal

  3. the thin, good skin
    well dressed
    rarely annoyed
    two feet grounded
    not self hounded
    keen direction
    good connections

  4. Excellent list.

    And Betsy I know who you are. That's why I don't answer your calls.

  5. Hey we forgo those (blow)fish in favour of your opinion, you know?

    I'm a size 9 too! Ooooh... we just have soooooo much in common ; >

    Completely unrelated, I was at a party yesterday for a one year old. I could have SWORN Ada was there!

  6. Jealous of those married to partners who truly enjoy kid/family stuff. it's been a real uphill battle around here these days.

  7. The young - they bring out the Nosferatu in me :)
    The immoral and unethical
    People with hair
    People with access to 30 hour days

  8. I hate it when other people can walk into any store and buy clothing.

    Everyone talks about how they'd love to be taller but the grass is always greener. When you cannot wear Extra Large in anything, you can never wear the clothes you want. Big & Tall stuff blows monkey chunks, too.

    I'm an XXL-Tall... no fun, let me tell you.

  9. People who seem to have no internal conflicts. You know- the dumb but happy types.

    People who were born privileged (or marry into it) and don't have to struggle financially- Especially if they are people my age.

    People who have the money/freedom to travel.

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  11. Ooh, don't get me started. A big one lately: moms with skinny ten year old daughters.

  12. This post has been stuck like a burr in my side for days now - you're awfully brave, putting it all out there like that.

    I'm jealous of people with good jobs and/or lots of money - but only if they earned it themselves, and only if we have some kind of shared history, some moment when we were level, and now we're not. Strangers and new acquaintances are welcome to have all the good jobs and money they like.

  13. B&P, sometimes I feel like your brain shares an apartment with mine. I've been stewing over this list for a few days, too.

    I'm jealous of - oh, good god, I can't begin my list; it wouldn't be fair to your blog.

    I'm jealous of people who can drink coffee after noon and still manage to get a good night's sleep later.

    I'll leave it at that.

  14. * the people who don't care how many hits they get; and
    * women who have balance in their lives, especially a balance between family lives and some pursuit that values them for their minds;
    * people who have time to exercise

  15. -parents who drive Porsche's.

    -being that little fish blogger who does write something and some big fish(es) pick it up and nobody visits my pond...!

  16. oh man. don't get me started. too late. here's a subsample.

    - how did you get into that magnet school that is impossible to get into?

    - how do you have the ability to focus and get everything done that you need to get done?

    - how do you make it look so easy to have lots of kids when i feel permanently under water with two?

    - how do you have enough money to buy that awesome thing that i totally want but can't afford?

    - how do you find time to blog about your awesome life and still get the things done that don't need justifying, the way blogging seems to.

  17. I am struggling so hard with this this week for some reason. Someone I know online got a good job, with a big raise, and I was so jealous I couldn't even congratulate her. Also have failed to congratulate friend who is having a girl baby - I mean, I am happy with my boy baby, I am, but I'm thinking we might not have another, and I'm just ... jealous. Someone else I know online said something about how she and her husband have a dull sex life and "only" have sex a few times a week because they are so busy and I wanted to cry.

    And I am, of course, perennially jealous of the prettier, the smarter, the more accomplished, the more charismatic, etc. But usually it's far more background hum, and I feel my blessings keenly. This week I have been a green-eyed MONSTER!