Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Random quote and unrelated photo of the week

Ms. Tashjian hated being called "the Nut Lady" and died without fulfilling her dream of opening a nut theme park certain to surpass Disneyland. (Her reasoning: Squirrels are cuter than a certain mouse.)

Douglas Martin
New York Times Obituaries


  1. oooooooh where are those lovely old books from?

  2. I snapped this in a hotel room in a not-yet-opened hotel in Portland. When I went into the room to look at the books, I realized they were glued together. Not sure what the hotel was planning for them...

  3. real books glued together? or fake boko towers like they put in their fake libraries for the genuine atmosphere?

  4. Real books, glued together. I am not sure what they were going to be used for. I'm fairly sure they were not going to be left in the hotel room. Maybe they were headed to the hotel's "business lounge."