Friday, February 16, 2007

Hoo Ha?

Because I know you just can't get enough crotch talk, I saw this recently about referring to the Vagina Monologues by another name.

I actually turned down an invite to see the Vagina Monologues (or should we be saying Vulva Monologues, as was suggested by a commentor on my last female genetalia post?). I've heard mixed things about the show, but would have gone if it had not conflicted with plans to take Chris to hear Neko Case and Merle Haggard play this weekend. Yes, for my husband's birthday we went to a Hag concert. We are old and dorky. Actually, we went for Neko, who if you don't know about, you should. Chris and I have both had a little crush on her for a few years. Plus, she's on the list of people he's allowed to sleep with if given the chance. Heck, she might be on my list too.


  1. please help me understand how liking music of that caliber (i.e. highly fabulous, listen-able stuff) deposits you in the old-and-dorky slot?


    (oh. wait. uh. because i'm also in that slot? nahhh. that can't be it. it's just everyone else is really immature and whiny. yes. precisely.)

  2. hoohaah? have seen it. [the show!} in london about five eyars ago. i think it has the potential to be very funny but depends on the ever changing cast, so a bit hit and miss

  3. Neko Case! Awesome! 'Fox Confessor' was one of my favourite albums of last year. (Wonder how I can persuade supermum to let me have one of those lists?)

  4. That story pisses me off to no end.

    I can only tell you I saw VM about ten years ago when it first came out, somewhat pre-hype and it's absolutely wonderful. Vaginas have staying power - who knew!

  5. Thanks to your Neko promotion I got the CD for my birthday. Please come up with another great recommendation by next October I love your music tips! and so does HE.

  6. freakin florida, man.

    and neko case. yum. fox confessor just gets better and better and better. as well as all the new pornographers.

    as for "the list." while i don't think my husband has requested neko for his, she's just his type. and would definitely keep the others rocking nicely.

    how was the concert??