Friday, January 05, 2007

Tell me, I want to know

And now for a nonlinear public service announcement:

I just spent a lovely morning with some kids and mamas. After carrying Ada from the car to bed, I dealt with her diaper and then glanced up into the mirror over the sink. There I saw a big black circle, a mascara smudge, below my right eye. How long it was there I do not know, but since my eyes have been bothering me and I have been poking at them more than usual, I figure that at least one of the four moms I just saw noticed.

So for future reference, please tell me if you see something amiss on my face. Or really, tell me no matter where the mess is. Toilet paper on the shoe? I want to know. Sauce on my shirt? Yes, tell me!. I do have a small scar on my cheek that people often think is food, but other than that, if you see something on my face, in my teeth or hair, or on my clothes, please let me know. I'd rather know and fix it than walk around with spinach poking from between my incisors, feeling happy as a clam until I get home and see how I looked.


  1. I have often felt the same way as you felt as you wrote this! I think it is a cultural thing, and I noticed it more when I moved to the west coast 14 years ago. In New York (where I'm from) no one has a problem telling you that you have food in your teeth. Apparently, this is considered rude here, for reasons unknown. (As we both know its actually MORE rude NOT to say something)

  2. OMG, that has so happened to me...but it was spinach in my teeth. i about KILLED my 2 girl friends that were with me adn let me go for hours ata bar after dinner with green spinach in my teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You were with other moms, and no one licked her finger and wiped your face?

    Must have been killing them all not to do that.

    Or not. Maybe the smudge happened after you left?

  4. I've been there too. Sadly. I do have a policy of speaking up when I can about things like that, but it's always an awkward thing to interject into a conversation.

  5. a) you did not seem anything but perfectly collected and well-put-together on Friday, as per usual. iow, your minute mascara dot was not noticeable, or I would've noticed and responded accordingly. I'm the friend who tucks in tags, points out tp on the shoe, and mentions green objects in teeth slots.

    b) your *birthday* having recently occurred would've been something I would've much preferred to have been made aware of, frankly, because I'd have done something about it. like make a cake. so if anyone's busted here, it's you.

    c) happy belated birthday, and you should be prepared for at least one cup cake from me in the next several days, because of it. :)

    d) I find it terrifically amusing that I was so worried about whether everyone had fun after the morning was over, to the point of talking out loud to myself that I was clearly caught out for my many neuroses, and you were noticing mascara and shaming us for not being aware, while all the time I was only thinking, how does NG always manage the cool/svelte/collected thing so well?


  6. Yah but then the other mama's wouldn't have something to gossip about after you leave!

    "Did you see her today??""

    "Yah...with that thing her face....her life must be awful"

    You get the picture!!!