Friday, December 22, 2006

I hear the secrets that you keep...

Ada talks in her sleep. I can relate, since I used to do it too. It is adorable to hear her murmuring to herself, even though it makes it a bit harder to know when she's up from a nap and when she's just working things out in REM.

Wednesday I was working at home in a room across from Ada's. While Ada was napping, Juniper went upstairs twice to get her. She heard some muffled babbling and jogged up the stairs, only to find the girl flat out in her crib. Now if only I could get the sleeping Ada to tell me where she hid her left shoe.

And speaking of shoes, Ada got some new boots for Chanukah. I was rooting for the blue ones with cherries, but she liked the pink cat-face pair. She really likes them, which is useful and fairly adorable. (I'd show you a photo, except blogger has been refusing to let me upload photos for days.) The boots aren't just fashion, they are a project. To wit:

Chris: Your daughter was really intent on putting her boots on herself today.

Me: How'd that go?

Chris: Not so well, especially since she wouldn't let me take her shoes off first.


  1. LA Toddler's in need of some new boots. We're coming up on rainy season and her feet are growing fast!

    I've had the same problem with blogger photos on my work blog. Are you trying to upload on Firefox? I ask because I can't upload on my Firefox (which I normally use) but I can upload photos using IE7. Try it, if you can. It might work that way.

  2. You must have lived in LA too long! I have been gone a while, but I don't remember a rainy season so much as a rainy three days.

  3. Glad to know my kid is not the only one who talks in her sleep. Last week I think i caught her singing in her sleep. Cute now, but I am terrified that sleep walking is just around the corner.