Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Things that scare me

(An incomplete list)


Going into debt

The following scenario: I walked Ada to a friend's so she can share nanny time Monday morning. I walked home and after an hour sitting in front of the computer, I tip my head down and an ANT falls onto the table. From my head. Bleh, how did that happen?

Being without wireless

Being forced to read and politely comment on a poorly written and ill-conceived white paper. You know, theoretically speaking.

Being left out


Those free floating low moods

Chris wanting to take the computer with him next time he travels without me

Reoccuring dreams in which I have to make my own contact lenses out of newspaper

Can we go back to earwigs? 'cause, ugh, just looking at that photo creeps me out.

What scares you?


  1. i'm with you on rejection, debt, being left out, poor writing, and most all bugs. you can add a myriad of diseases to that and people i love dying. that's pretty close to complete for me.

  2. all I see when I look at that thing is my terror resulting from having seen The Wrath of Khan (hi, geek?) at the tender of age of -- um, whatever age I was in the third grade. remember? that scene? the one with the helmets and the brain-eating bugs that looked suspiciously like earwigs? or, that is, earwigs -- what other human body part would they likely inhabit? exacccctly.


    I need a nap.


  3. Contact lenses out of newspaper. Ouch!

    My baby waking up right now would scares me as does not having something to look forward to. But right now I'm looking forward to sleep!

  4. I have a huge fear of being unprepared. That dream everybody has, where you're in school and taking a test and you've missed the past 9 weeks of school? I still have that damn dream.

    Just the thought of walking up toward the chalkboard to do the work on a math problem you have no idea how to solve... and all the kids and the teacher are staring at you.


  5. Earwigs, ewww gross, they give me goosebumps.

    Things that scare me:
    That first moment when the airplane takes off.
    Walking into spider webs.
    Something happening to the girls.
    Something happening to Scott.
    Losing our house.
    Getting sick.
    Bird pooping on your head while waiting at a crosswalk (it has happened and it is gross)
    Seeing old boyfriends (so strange).

  6. not knowing how to do things/doing things wrong
    being disliked by people i like
    things that fly and sting/bite
    being dependent/a burden
    the woods at night
    letting people walk all over me until i don't know who i am anymore
    drowning in butterscotch pudding
    the current administration
    bad things happening to my child

  7. I can't even begin to think about any other fears because the earwig picture is freaking me out way too much in all of it's clear crisp icky glory.


  8. I once had a tick fall out of my hair and onto my dinner plate. I made my husband check my head for more and sure enough, he found another one. I still get the jitters thinking about that.