Monday, October 23, 2006

Search me!

I'll admit it, I like to see how people find me. Recently I've seen some trends in the searchers' queries. Crying is a big query topic. Some people seem to be looking for help figuring out what is going on in their own heads:

  • music triggers crying
  • why am I crying so much
  • why do my eyes sting when i cry
  • very emotional cry very easily
  • "seen me cry" tears cried
  • crying tears what triggers them

    and for all you pregnant folks out there:
  • I cry all the time pregnant

    While other people seem interested in why other people are so teary:
  • why do some people cry so easily?
  • do you cry easily and why?
  • Why do some people cry easily
  • cry and response

    A number of people find me by googling IVF related terms and phrases. I'm not sure why the person who searched for "I-love-hormone-injections" didn't stick around, but searchers seeking for fertility information pretty much never do.

    And now for some of my recent favorites:
  • dead rat smell and pregnancy
  • blue-footed booby toy
  • what does funky cold medina mean
  • "i make a pigeon" (we have Dutch to thank for that one)
  • babysitting diaper mishaps (seeing this, I imagined a 14 year old alone with her charge, furiously googling to see what to do.)
  • pregnant lady travelling in aircraft snaps
  • "fearful crouching masturbators" (how can I be the 4th hit for this?)
  • Diapered + Humiliated+Pacified (speaking of fearful crouching masturbators....)
  • one linear jokes


    1. funky cold medina--haven't heard that one in twenty years.

      And quite realistically, who doesn't love hormone injections?

    2. What DOES funky cold medina mean?

    3. You do fear for the human race when you see some of the keywords they use to lands on your page.

      Scary stuff...