Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Random quote and unrelated photo of the week

I cannot be alone in thinking it significant that models - whose job description might read: paragon - have somehow stopped being beautiful.

Guy Trebay
Fashion Diary: Look At Me, Look at Me. Please Look at Me.

oh, and speaking of look at me, some housekeeping:


  1. wait a minute...does that horse have actual fuzz on it? None of the ones around here have fuzz!

  2. i love the horses. i love riding my bike in quiet neighborhoods and seeing the horses. i like to make up stories for each of the horses.

    i'm a like 12 year old girl.

  3. Is this an America's Next Top Model rant? Because those girls are scarily unpretty.

  4. Actually, it was from an article in the NY Times about NY "fashion week". I am a bit embarassed to admit that - of everything in the nytimes - THAT is what I was reading on sunday.

    The photos they showed of a couple of young models who had the deathly thin and thus pretty ugly look were scary scary scary. See the slide show attached to this article:

    Pre-pubescent anorexic, it's apparently the look.

  5. ah! but did you hear about the skinny model ban in italy? if the model's bmi is under the healthy allowance, they are banned from modeling in that country. france did not follow suit. figures. but at least we're on the right track.
    ps i have a fuzzy horse too!