Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Chris and Ada Show

Ada: Cup!

Chris: You want a cup?

Ada: Cup! Cup!

Chris: Do you want water in a cup?

Ada: (points to Chris's beer) Cup!

Chris: You want a beer?

Ada: (nods vigorously)

Aaaarrrrr you ready for the bath?

Ada has a whole routine around the bath. It has evolved some as she's developed; we now spend less time singing made-up lyrics to "rubber ducky" and more time playing with bath toys. Before Ada gets in the bath, she dumps a bunch of soft plastic letters into the tub. The letters are great, because they stick to the tile walls. (Slapping one high on the wall and pointing it out to Ada allows us to wash the shampoo off her without any of us crying.) We put Ada in the bath, and she stands there for a while. She is resistant to sitting down right away, and likes to pee into the bath before she submits to sitting.

Chris talks Ada through the bath, telling her he is going to wash her hands, her neck, her toes. Tonight I heard him saying "arrrr." She repeated him, "arrr"ing back, and they went back and forth like this several times. Just when I was convinced he was teaching her to talk like a pirate, he picked another letter and said "jayyyyy."


  1. Ada would be pretty shocked by her first taste of her beer in a sippy cup. At least she knows what she wants!

    I love your bathroom accessories!

  2. Where did you get that bath mat? Bathmat? It's arrrrrsome!

    My bay tries to steal my beer all the time. I think she's developing a strong liking for Coors Light. Thankfully that stuff is pretty much water anyway.